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Usage of artificial intelligence for Financial Institutions in Singapore

**The Monetary Authority of Singapore** (MAS), has lately been working on newest guidelines in relation to the **artificial intelligence** (AI) that is used by financial institutions. AI is still a developing technology and is yet to be regulated around the world. Singaporean government considers that there is a need to develop recommendations and guidelines to prevent misuse of artificial intel...

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Go Tech! 15% Corporate Tax in China for Tech Companies

It has already become a common fact that the more you go tech - the more you get. The innovation and information technology companies are everywhere and the development of the artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other novelties continues 24/7. Since 2014, China launched **tax privileges for the high-tech firms**. These benefits can be applied relevantly easy: the company only needs...

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Blockchain Regulations are on the Way to Malta

...ement **blockchain regulations** during the last months. **Malta** is next in the line according to the plans announced at the **Dubai Blockchain Conference**. Which industries will the new regulations cover? Not only blockchain but also **AI** (artificial intelligence) and **IoT** (internet of things). Technologies are developing rapidly and today more and more habitual things have tech featu...

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Japan Exchange Regulation and Tokyo Stock Exchange Implementing AI Solutions

Using **artificial intelligence** is gaining popularity in developed economies as a tool to **prevent market abuse.** Last week, global market players - **Japan Exchange Regulation (JPX-R)** and **Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE)**, went public about adding **AI Solutions** to market supervision tools. In this case, usage of AI implies creating and developing surveillance systems for the trad...

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List of ICOs to watch in June

At present, the main concern among cryptocurrency enthusiasts is a sharp drop in the exchange rate. But this does not affect **the popularity of the blockchain technology**. Recently, the **number of new blockchain projects, varying from gaming to artificial intelligence, rapidly increased**. Here are some projects that successfully launched during the previous month and are worth to be revie...

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Legal tech in 2018. New aspects

...the needs of their customers. Legal tech in this case can simplify the process of communication with clients and allow them to interact with your firm 24/7. **One of new legal tech trends is AI and machine learning.** The current understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) is far from the science fiction concepts; legal AI developments are essentially sophisticated methods of teaching compute...

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