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Why should you invest in offshore business?

...ompanies. International income tax and individual taxes are balanced specially for this reason. Another point to consider when moving a business offshore, is safety and confidentiality of the country. Most popular jurisdictions have high level of asset protection and strong confidentiality legislation. Individuals who are afraid of lawsuits or other financial troubles can easily invest in compa...

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Move business wisely. What to consider when choosing offshore jurisdiction?

...isdiction to jurisdiction and if you need to pay more than company earns – it is not reasonable. Legal part also plays a big role in company formation. Comfortable offshore climate often depends on local regulations. Most considered branches are: asset protection legislation, confidentiality conditions, international business functioning rules, investment laws and taxes. Due to this, many world...

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How to Incorporate a Company and Why it is Beneficial

...y when you start doing your own business. First of all, this process lets you act like a separate legal entity and use all privileges of a certain jurisdiction. What benefits can incorporation bring you as a businessman? The main advantages include asset protection, asset transfer, low tax rates and many others. Registration process tends to be easy in many countries now. Follow our recommendatio...

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