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How RootAnt Makes brokerage in China Easier

Doing **brokerage business in China** can be a serious challenge for international companies. Due to the fact that the market is closed, it is hard to follow all legal requirements and at the same time earn traders’ trust. Trading platform **RootAnt** is now one of the best services that allows international financial institutions localize in China. It is a combination of services for broke...

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Xi Jinping’s vision of “New Era” includes Forex Industry to focus on China

...rmous trading volumes, currently, China stands out as the forthcoming homeland for **retail Forex**. Introducing brokers operate the vast managed accounts, therefore, a very definitive format now is conduction of business between Western service and brokerage providers on one side and the key introducing partners and brokers in China on the other side. Furthermore, Xi Jinping accentuated endors...

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China Bans Popular FX Broker Services

...y if they are licensed by the government. All website traffic is thoroughly monitored and the commercial activities are controlled by the governmental authorities. In November, the information was leaked regarding the new website bans. Popular FX brokerage websites were blocked whilst they were not Chinese. For example, such services as FXCM, FxPro, Aetos, XM and other. The main aim of the gove...

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How Brokers in China Feel After the Website Blocks

...cement, foreign trading platforms providing services to Chinese citizens are outlaw and they have to be shut down. On the contrary, the financial experts claim that this announcement is a fiction and has no real legal basis for now. This is why most brokerage services changed certificate options and restored access to platforms within hours after bans. Unfortunately, it is not a panacea and mos...

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Too old for trading

...vernment authorities and where financial culture is at a high level. We all have repeatedly faced different prohibitions and restrictions regarding the minimum age requirement to open an account with any financial services company, including a Forex brokerage, hardly anyone dares to discuss the upper age restriction when it comes to trading or investment. The are a lot of factors which contributed...

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Mauritius Global Business Category 1 (GBC1)

...levant. **GBC 1 formation having the highest level of confidentiality under local law and no information regarding its shareholding, accounts or other operations are publicly available.** GBC 1 company allow you to conduct Forex activities (money brokerage). As you may know, forex is tightly regulated by government authorities across the globe. It is getting more and more difficult for broking ...

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Лицензия на перевод денег на островах Кука

...и должно заканчиваться на: Limited Названия компаний, требующие получения разрешения или лицензии: Asset Management, Asset Manager, Assurance, Bank, Banking, Broker (s) / brokerage, Capital, Credit, Currency (ies), Custodian(s), Custody, Dealer(s), Dealing, Deposit(s), Derivative (s), Exchange, Fiduciary (ies), Finance,...

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