Why cryptocurrency is the future of electronic cash systems

... to balance a budget. **Cryptocurrencies as the future of electronic cash can solve this by making transaction completion times instantaneous in most cases.** By getting rid of the “pending” problem, senders and receivers will be able to make financial transactions, and commerce in general, much more efficient. Most importantly, if a cryptocurrency payment isn’t instantaneous, it’s quit...

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Litigation

...lic from scams and fraudulent activities. Investors themselves must also take necessary precautions before investing in cryptocurrency. For starters, investors should research the concept of the blockchain, which serves as the facilitator for the financial transactions involving cryptocurrency. Transactions could revolve around financial contracts, real estate deeds, personal identification, ba...

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Dubai International Financial Center is planning to launch the world's first blockchain court

...ency, DLT technology is not restricted to it. Tech community is now finding out other potential uses for this technology. It has huge potential to be employed for a range of other purposes, from financial services – for instance, the settlement of financial transactions – to cross-border trades, public management, and even elections. Amna Al Owais, Chief Executive & Registrar, DIFC Courts, ...

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