How did Brexit Affect gibraltar Jurisdiction?

The official representatives of the UK marked gibraltar Day in the early November by revealing British political plans for gibraltar.Many businessmen began to reconsider their plans regarding Brexit. Stephen Barclay’s statement can put an end to all your doubts. According to the statement, **gibraltar and the UK will not stop cooperation** in any matters and will continue the development of ...

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gibraltar Goes Fintech: Next Destination - Hong Kong

Fintech sector takes over almost every facet of our lives now. Every company that deals with the financial matters is looking forward to use the newest technologies in their activities. **gibraltar** is not an exception and its Minister of Commerce, Albert Isola, went on a trip with a delegation regarding the plans on innovations. **Hong Kong Fintech Week** is an event where major financial se...

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Novelties for the Blockchain Business and ICOs in gibraltar

The New Year has already brought the new regulations and rules in the international business world. We decided to start from the new rules in **gibraltar**. The main financial regulator of this country, gibraltar Financial Services Commission, announced new obligation for the companies using distributed ledger technology for storing or transferring values that belong to others. Currently, **...

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One...Two...Three...Brexit! The UK Takes gibraltar Along

Many business representatives that have legal entities in **gibraltar** are concerned about the consequences of **Brexit** process. gibraltar has been a British Overseas Territory since early 1700s and the United Kingdom still makes or influences a majority of important decisions in the territory. The Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May, has previously assured that gibraltar’s interests ...

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Virtual Currency Draft Bill in gibraltar

...ogy** (DLT), widely known as the **blockchain**, is a stumbling block for many jurisdictions. It is hard to ignore it now due to the fact that dozens of businesses in their activities use virtual technologies and, as a result, virtual currencies. **gibraltar** is the jurisdiction that, along with the others, starts adding DLT to its scope of regulation. The gibraltar Financial Services Commiss...

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gibraltar Criticizes Brexit Agreement Draft

**The European Commission** released the first **post-Brexit agreement draft** and gibraltar’s government had great expectations of this withdrawal agreement due to its position towards the Brexit. We have already informed you on this territory’s position, where 96 percent voted against leaving the European Union. At the same time, the United Kingdom promised its overseas territory any po...

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Post-Brexit UK Markets Access for gibraltar

There were dozens of articles about further plans of both the UK and gibraltar after the **UK announced Brexit**. Lately, gibraltar faced problems due to the EU plans on its territory and is still negotiating best terms for staying on the market. Today we brought good news for the companies that provide financial services and online gaming businesses. These companies are guaranteed will have ...

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gibraltar and Hong Kong Plan to Work Together on the Fintech Sectors Development

...s commemorated by the signing of the world’s **first financial Technology Cooperation Agreement**. During recent years Financial technology sector has been rapidly gaining popularity all over the world, therefore, aiming to be Fintech pioneers, **gibraltar** and **Hong Kong** were the first ones to enter into an official agreement regarding the development of this sector, thus making this day e...

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gibraltar Protects its Sovereignty During the Brexit Negotiations

**The UK transitional draft agreement with the EU** was published on March 19th. We have analyzed the current state of gibraltar and prepared a short digest on the latest news. The UK Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, David Davis, officially announced that **gibraltar** is included in the transitional agreement. At the same time, up till 2020 EU, UK and gibraltar claim to supp...

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Know-hows on Different Legislations and Blockchain Implementation Profitability in Your Business

...chain companies** in the world. Some countries accept new ways and some do not. We are not aiming to explain how the **Blockchain** works or why is everyone buying **cryptocurrency** now, we would like to examine different types of regulations. gibraltar, the British Overseas territory, is one of the subjects to regulate Blockchain companies in early 2018. The Bill and Regulations will become...

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Setting up an Online Gaming Business

...tact Offshorelicense for an appropriate consultation in accordance with your request. Offshorelicense as an experienced corporate service supplier recommend the following jurisdiction for online gaming license obtaining: • Costa Rica • gibraltar • Malta • Curacao • Antigua and Barbuda [![costa-rica-gambling-license.PNG](

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Регистрация ООО на Гибралтаре

... алфавита Название компании должно оканчиваться на: Limited или Ltd. Названия компаний, требующие получения разрешения или лицензии: European, gibraltar или International. Важно Названия, обозначающее любую связь с местными власт...

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