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Blockchain Regulations are on the Way to malta

Many countries that support **international business** had started to implement **blockchain regulations** during the last months. **malta** is next in the line according to the plans announced at the **Dubai Blockchain Conference**. Which industries will the new regulations cover? Not only blockchain but also **AI** (artificial intelligence) and **IoT** (internet of things). Technologies are...

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Gaming Bill in malta. One Gaming Law for All

Maltese Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy, and Innovation, Silvio Schembri made an announcement that was of utmost importance for companies and individuals who participate in the **gaming industry of malta**. Nowadays the regulatory situation of this industry is as follows: different laws, contradictory documents, guidelines and directives. What will change? The Par...

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Governmental digitalization in malta

Recently the **Parliament of malta considered three bills on distributed ledger technology**. Simply put, distributed ledger technology (DLT) is widely known as **blockchain technology**. Analyzing the provisions of the aforementioned documents, we can certainly say that the public authorities of malta have a positive attitude towards the blockchain technology. **malta government authoritie...

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Setting up an Online Gaming Business

...nse for an appropriate consultation in accordance with your request. Offshorelicense as an experienced corporate service supplier recommend the following jurisdiction for online gaming license obtaining: • Costa Rica • Gibraltar • malta • Curacao • Antigua and Barbuda [![costa-rica-gambling-license.PNG](https://www.offshorelicense.com/storage/app/uploads/public/5b...

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5 Signs of Booming Blockchain Innovation in Australia

...rstand how blockchain innovation in Australia can help improve efficiencies and modernize the country’s economy. They also aim to assess the level of maturity of the technology and the problems it may solve. This appears to be taking a leaf out of malta’s book with the establishment of a digital innovation authority to regulate and assess blockchain initiatives. While this is not necessaril...

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