Новости Форекс, Критовалюты и Оффшорной Индустрии

Mauritius is one of the main International Financial Services Centre which grants two most common forms of business to international clients, specifically the Category One Global Business ... Читать дальше >>
Blockchain technology continues to see expansion into every business sector, including the education system. The added efficiency and security of implementing of a blockchain protocol is undeniable. ... Читать дальше >>
Any business is vulnerable to getting sued at any time – whether it is a small business, a startup, or a huge enterprise – which is why it is imperative that a business has sound legal defense. Litigation can cost a business money, time, and its... Читать дальше >>
The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) has partnered with Smart Dubai to establish the world’s first “Court of the Blockchain”. The abovementioned organizations recently announced that ... Читать дальше >>
The World Bank created bond-i (blockchain operated new debt instrument), the world’s first bond to be created, assigned, transferred and administered through its life cycle using distributed ledger technology (blockchain). ... Читать дальше >>
News on data breaches, cybercrime, and invasion of privacy have saturated the headlines in the recent years; and this inevitably creates concern for companies, small businesses and large enterprises alike. Hackers continue to enhance ... Читать дальше >>
The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA has launched enforcement proceedings against envion AG. After raising over $100 million from investors, envion AG’s ICO became the second major ICO that ... Читать дальше >>
The Cyprus regulator wants to establish a two-way working relationship with FinTech and RegTech developments. Regulatory and financial technologies initiatives have been spreading across the globe ... Читать дальше >>
Australia. Plenty of images come to mind when we think of the land down under. Sun-bleached surfers, wallabies, the Sydney Opera House. But, Australia, despite its modest population of 23 million, is more than... Читать дальше >>

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