Mauritius Global Business Category 1 (GBC1)

Sep 06, 2018

Mauritius is one of the main International Financial Services Centre which grants two most common forms of business to international clients, specifically the Category One Global Business companies and the Category Two Global Business companies. The choice among the above-mentioned companies will depend on a number of reasons, some of which being the planned activities and the location of operation.

Today we will focus our attention on GBC 1 as the one of the most commonly used type of companies. GBC1 formation is most efficient to those entrepreneurs willing to gain profit from the various Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties which Mauritius signed with other jurisdictions. Reason for this is that a GBC1 formation is developed, for tax purposes, to be resident in Mauritius. A business unit retaining a GBC1 license are able to participate any activity starting from simple investment holding, fund management, insurance to other non-banking financial services.

Recently the legislation of Mauritius was amended. In accordance with the last changes in Mauritius, a GBC1 formation are able to deal with Mauritian citizens in case if they proved that previous written consent from the Financial Services Commission (“FSC”) has been requested and that the conditions laid out in the Financial Services Act have been met.

Business formations involved in financial services business in particular forex trading, investment management, insurance, banking, investment advisory services, as an example, can only be created as GBC1 companies and receive extra licenses from the FSC wherever relevant.

GBC 1 formation having the highest level of confidentiality under local law and no information regarding its shareholding, accounts or other operations are publicly available. GBC 1 company allow you to conduct Forex activities (money brokerage). As you may know, forex is tightly regulated by government authorities across the globe. It is getting more and more difficult for broking firms to enter in to new regions as the regulatory requirements have become more stringent. Choosing the right jurisdiction for setting up the Forex brokerage firm is very crucial as the success of the business greatly rely on this factor. In this case we highly recommend Mauritius GBC 1 incorporation as perfect option if you are looking for Forex friendly jurisdiction with a huge number of benefits.

Apply for Mauritius GBL1 License and our trusted specialists will provide you with all necessary information to make your business grow. Our solutions are bespoke according to each client’s specific needs.

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